SpO2 Tester

vPad-O2 is the next generation SpO2 tester.

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Built on the vPad platform, vPad-O2 is user programmable so new sensors can easily be added in the field without needing to send the unit back to a service centre for upgrading. Being part of the vPad-A1 family, vPad-O2 can be upgraded to include a Multi-Parameter Patient Simulator and/or a NIBP Simulator.


Standard Apps

Record Manager

View/Print/Convert and Copy Test Reports.

Record Manager provides direct access to all test reports created by the vPad Apps. Reports can be reviewed on screen. In addition, reports can be converted to PDF documents; printed to a wireless printer; or copied to USB or a Bluetooth device (PC) one at a time, or in user-selected groups. Test records can also be transferred directly to DropboxTM, box, Google Drive and OneDrive. File management has never been so easy or complete on a basic manual safety tester.


If you use the vPad-A1, then this is the only App you’ll need!

Comes standard with every vPad-A1, vPad-O2, vPad-PS, and vPad-BP, the vPad-A1 is installed with a huge number of preconfigured settings out of the box. With functions for user programmable SpO2 R Curves and NIBP envelopes built-in, vPad-A1 is creating flexibility that has never been seen before. Like many other Apps offered in the vPad family, capability for Auto Sequences comes standard!


vPad-A1 Accessory Kit


vPad-A1 Accessory Kit, NA


vPad-A1 Accessory Kit, Europe


vPad-A1 Accessory Kit, UK/Malaysia


vPad-A1 Accessory Kit, AU/CN