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At Biolantic, it’s not enough to simply service a piece of equipment. We believe in building solid client relationships. We do this by first recognizing that a single solution does not fit all client needs. When you work with any of our technologists, you will learn that you are receiving truly individualized attention. From initial installation to repair, each decision we make is made based upon your unique situation. You can also rest assured that we will always pair you with a leading expert in the field.

Highly-Trained Technologist

Biolantic’s team of Biomedical Engineering Technologists and Diagnostic Imaging Specialist are trained and qualified to ensure your customers obtain the best possible service. Our staff have diverse technological backgrounds gained from years of experience in field service organizations and hospitals across Canada. We employ only the best, most qualified technologists to ensure each and every job is completed to the highest standards. Our staff have extensive education in the healthcare field. Each technologist also receives additional training and certifications based on specific technical requirements. Our goal to is offer quality, professional and timely local service to all areas of Eastern Canada.

Dedicated to providing the Highest Quality

Biolantic assures compliance with all your company’s quality standards, manufacturer’s specifications as well as to facilitate the continuous improvement of our processes, policies, and personnel. We do this to ensure all services performed are done so to the highest standards.

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