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About Us

Who is Biolantic?

Biolantic was formed by a group of like-minded medical service professionals who had extensive experience, a wide knowledge base, and unwavering drive. Correctly identifying the need for local and reliable equipment service, this group has substantially grown in six short years. Biolantic now has many more qualified, and highly trained biomedical technologists and diagnostic imaging specialists, with a combined 100+ years of experience in the biomedical service industry. Even though the number of medical service professionals has grown, the company’s core philosophy, mission and value of excellent local service, has remained intact.


At Biolantic we believe in building long-term business partnerships with our clients all while assuring reliability, quality, and professional services. Our team incorporates professionals from both technical and clinical fields, with the ultimate goal of providing the best service solutions.


At Biolantic, our mission for each customer interaction is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by delivering quality local service. As we continue to grow, we aim to be a national leader in biomedical service-based solutions.



We understand our obligation of maintaining critical medical devices while adhering to international standards.


Patient safety is vital in the operation of any health care facility. We follow all recommended manufacturer’s preventative maintenance and quality control procedures to ensure optimal performance of medical devices.

By strategically placing technologists throughout Eastern Canada, Biolantic can provide prompt onsite service to help minimize equipment downtime.


We believe in hiring and retaining local Biomedical technologists and exporting our growing biomedical services to the rest of the country.


Professional, quality service completed by highly trained and qualified technologists.