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Biolantic's team has experience repairing medical equipment for facilities ranging from remote clinics to large provincial hospitals.

We will diagnose your problem, provide you with an estimate, and get you back in working order. Appropriate documentation will accompany all of Biolantic's work.

Preventive Maintenance

Medical device manufacturers usually recommend an inspection performed at least once per year by a qualified professional to minimize risk to staff and patients. When was the last time your devices were inspected?

Our team will inspect as per manufacturer’s guidelines and provide you with a record to reduce your organization’s liability.

Technical Support

Our team has experience providing technical support to sites via email, phone, or in person.

We will work to find an answer to your problem and take pride in the fact that our support enables you to do your job.

Biomedical Consulting

Not sure which brand of a device is best? Have questions on how to best set up your facility?

Biolantic can assist you with perspective gained from our staff member’s experience in both public and private sectors.


The eye is one of the body’s most complicated organs and requires equally sophisticated medical equipment to treat. Slit lamp viewers, digital imaging, phoropters - your clinic has equipment that needs regular maintenance and service.

Can't remember the last time your phoropter was cleaned?

Phoropters contain sensitive lenses and moving parts that require cleaning and maintenance to maintain accuracy. Dust, fingerprints, and skin oils build up over time both inside and out. Biolantic recommends a phoropter cleaning every 12 months.

We do a comprehensive phoropter cleaning:

  • Thorough cleaning of all optical lens surfaces
  • Calibration of all lenses back to factory standards
  • Adjust, calibrate and lubricate JCC
  • Exterior cleaning and paint touch up
  • Adjust control knob tension to a smooth touch
  • Clean and calibrate dial assemblies
  • Adjust and lubricate the convergence controls
  • Calibrate PD measurements


Documenting the inspection, maintenance and servicing of equipment used to provide physiotherapy care provides evidence that physiotherapists are taking the necessary steps to ensure that the equipment they use is safe and accurate, thereby minimizing the risk of harm to patients.

College of Physiotherapists of Ontario Guide - Standards for Professional Practice March 2013

Physiotherapy clinics use a number of devices that are directly applied to the patient. Therapeutic ultrasounds, TENS units and traction machines all use energy to treat the patient and can cause or aggravate injury if not in proper working order. Reduce the liability to your clinic by utilizing Biolantic to repair, maintain, and document the safe use of your equipment.

Particular attention should be paid to therapeutic ultrasounds. According to Health Canada's Guidelines for the Safe Use of Ultrasound 4.1.2, therapeutic ultrasounds should be “calibrated by suitably trained personnel at least once each month to ensure that the ultrasonic power is indicated with an accuracy of ±20%” Health Canada recommends an additional check if the equipment undergoes physical shock.

Biolantic uses a mobile high resolution digital ultrasonic power meter to test your ultrasound devices. This allows us to dispatch a biomedical technologist to perform testing for your clinic at a time that works best for you.


Veterinary clinics contain highly sophisticated medical equipment to care for animals of all shapes and sizes. Monitoring, surgery, and anaesthesia delivery use equipment that need inspection and calibration to remain in working order. Biolantic’s service technicians are factory trained in IV pumps, patient monitors, and anaesthesia devices from multiple manufacturers and can attend to all of your clinic’s needs.