Diagnostic Imaging

Radiation Protection Surveys

Installation & Equipment Relocation

Corrective Maintenance

We offer a variety of consulting services to meet your clinic's needs. We provide room preparation consulting to determine everthing that is needed from radiation protection to electrical requirements. Diagnostic Imaging Specialist has over 25 years experience servicing and installing diagnostic imaging equipment.

Corrective Maintenance

We understand the importance of minimizing downtime. Biolantic will diagnose your problem, and repair your equipment while minimizing your downtime and cost. Biolantic also offers cost effective component level repairs when possible.

Biolantic offers a multi-vendor service solution for a wide range of imaging equipment.

  • X-Ray Generators
  • DR (Digital Radiography)
  • CR (Computed Radiography)
  • Collimators
  • Tube Supports
  • X-ray Tables
  • Fluoroscopy Systems
  • Fluoroscopy C-Arm

Preventive Maintenance

Medical device manufacturers recommend periodic inspection performed to minimize risk to staff and patients and ensure image quality. Our team will inspect as per manufacturer’s specifications to ensure proper operation.

Radiation Protection Surveys

Ensure the safety of you and your co-workers. Using the equipment specifications, room layout, volume of examinations, and usage of adjoining spaces we will survey your room and ensure it will meet government safety standards.

Diagnostic Imaging Consulting

We provide room preparation consulting to determine everything that is needed from radiation protection to electrical requirements.

Image Evaluation

Your digital image may be missing information or be of poor quality. If this happens slowly over time it may not be noticed. A regular evaluation of the image would identify changes to your image quality and determine a course of action to keep your image at its best.

Installation and Equipment Relocation

Need your imaging equipment installed or relocated? Biolantic can move, install your equipment, and ensure proper operation.

Parts Sourcing

Biolantic has a strategic partnership with imaging parts vendors. We have the ability to source any parts needed to complete your repair.